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May 14th is Underground America Day, a time to honor the 6,000 or so North Americans who make their homes not only on the Earth but in it. Underground America Day began in 1974, when architect Malcolm Wells came up with the idea.

"I woke up one day to the fact that the Earth's surface was made for living plants, not industrial plants."

"On May 14th each year hundreds of millions of people all across this great land will do absolutely nothing about the national holiday I declared in 1974, and that's just the way it should be.

"It's a holiday free of holiday obligations.

"You don't even have to lose a day of work. But if you're the partying type, here are some of the ways in which you can observe the big day."

Dig a hole and
put your house in it.
Cover it up.

Think about moles...
Mail some dirt out of state.

Stay home from work and put some dirt on your roof.

Touch a basement wall.

Eat a parsnip or a radish.

Imagine a corporation actually conserving resources.
(Forget it, it's unimaginable.) *

(*As a principal in a few corporations,
I take exception to this! —WMM )

Start a coal mine
in your back yard.

Ride the subway with a friend.

Bury some treasure.

Listen to a
Chinese conversation
through the earth.

Get lost in a cave for 11 days. (When you're found,
be sure to say, "Happy Underground America Day!")

Have a Malcolm Wells
look-alike contest.

Fly through
the Grand Canyon.

Build a vast underground
shopping center with acres of
town houses, professional buildings, shops, and
all-weather parking.
Look down a well.
Hold a parade
under Main Street.

And finally, draw a set of plans for an above-ground building
—but don't build it.

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