Mac's Underground Art Gallery
is in need of urgent repairs!


Some serious leaks in the roof of Mac's architecture studio, The Underground Art Gallery, require major repairs costing up to $60,000. The Gallery, which is the main source of income for Mac's widow, artist Karen North Wells, needs immediate repairs so that she can keep the gallery open and continue to support herself.

Mac’s architecture must be preserved. His principles are still important today, and WE CAN LEARN MUCH from his original structures. Equally important is making sure that the gallery can continue to serve the livelihood of Mac’s widow as an artist.

To fix the leaky roof, all the earth needs to be removed from the top of the gallery, and new waterproofing needs to be placed down before replacing the earth on top.

The Underground Art Gallery is teaching us all lessons for the future!

The building designer and artist was a giant among us, nearly half a century ahead of his time, promoting an underlying message of living a sustainable life with earth sheltering as fundamental to restoring the health of the Earth.

Please donate whatever you can to help rebuild the roof so that the Underground Art Gallery may remain open as a piece of Cape Cod and Earth-sheltered history.

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