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This site is dedicated to the promotion and discussion of:

  • underground buildings,
  • earth-sheltered architecture,
  • eco-friendly design, and
  • energy-efficient houses

    particularly the ideas of pioneer architect Malcolm Wells.

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"Is underground architecture the only way to build without destroying the land?
Of course not.

"It's simply one of the most promising (and overlooked) of ways.

"Sunny, dry and pleasant, it offers huge fuel savings and a silent, green alternative to the asphalt society.
What is
(a.k.a. Earth-Sheltered)

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Malcolm Wells

With deepest regret and condolences,
we report the passing away of Malcolm Wells.

Malcolm passed on Friday, November 27, 2009.

You can sign a note of condolence for his family here.


Mac wrote his own obituary in advance. You can read it here.

Other obituaries about Mac (in no particular order):

A few notes about this web site:

This site is created by Wendy M. Mathias and hosted by Blue Reef Internet Services, with the permission, help, and encouragement of Malcolm Wells,   although he will deny taking any part in this endeavor, other than being an amused bystander.

Wherever possible, Wendy uses Mac's own words. This is indicated with "quotes", words like "I" and "We", or explicitly mentions his authorship.

'Handwritten' text, including the masthead, is meant to reflect Mac's signature handwritten style of most of his books. Wendy scanned the handwriting and then rearranged the letters in Photoshop to create page titles.

Mac's Underground Art Gallery
is in need of repairs!
(Are underground strucures foolish?)

(Learn more)

Many thanks to the interesting and enlightening people
and web sites that provided source material for malcolmwells.com:

Paul Giambarba, Chelsea Green & Solarnet.org,
Raven Rocks Preservation, and Terran Alliance,

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Almost all images, sketches, and "handwritten" text are copyright Malcolm Wells.
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